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“What you focus on grows…choose carefully.”  

Services / Products

Choose to adopt The Vimala Alphabet as your writing system and watch your life unfold in the most amazing ways!

You can learn more by contacting me on my Contact Us page or by calling me at (612) 709-5960.

Services Include:

  • *40-day Coaching Session (Includes guidebook)
    (Includes (1) – Initial 1 hour session and (4) – 30 min sessions) – $399.99
  • *90 minute One-On-One Introductory Session (Includes guidebook) – $99.99 / per person
  • *3 hr Group Workshop (Includes guidebook) – $129.99 per person


  • Easy-to-follow guide on how to incorporate the life-changing power of The Vimala Alphabet into your life. Includes vibrant Alphabet Cards with directional arrows on how to properly inscribe each letter. 
    “The Choice is Yours” Guidebook – $24.99

“Because it is the subconscious mind and not the hand, foot, or mouth that moves the pen; when you change the way you write, you change the way you think.”   ~ Dr. Vimala Rodgers