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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” ~Max Planck  

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Transformational Handwriting with the Vimala Alphabet

Discover a soul-nurturing handwriting practice that can transform your life by connecting you with your authentic Self. (TRANS: go beyond. FORM: physical form.) This sacred technology has NOTHING to do with handwriting analysis and was not created to improve penmanship – it was created to improve lives!

You can learn more by contacting me on my Contact Us page or by calling me at (612) 709-5960.

Services Include:

*2 1/2 hr Virtual Small Group Session – limited to 7 (Includes guidebook) – $47.77 per person

*Private 2 ½ hr. Virtual Group Session $111.00 (Guidebooks sold separately) You choose the people, and I will be happy to host the class! 

*90 minute One-On-One Virtual Introductory Session (Includes guidebook) – $88.88 / per person

*40-day Virtual Coaching Session (Includes guidebook)
(Includes (1) – Initial 1 hour session and (4) – 30 min sessions) – $333.00

Easy-to-follow guide on how to incorporate the life-changing power of The Vimala Alphabet into your life. Includes vibrant Alphabet Cards with directional arrows on how to properly inscribe each letter. 
“The Choice is Yours” Guidebook – $24.44

“Because it is the subconscious mind and not the hand, foot, or mouth that moves the pen; when you change the way you write, you change the way you think.”   ~ Dr. Vimala Rodgers