Daily Inspiration

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” ~Max Planck  

Choose to bring out the best in your students

What if there was a handwriting system specifically designed and scientifically proven to build self-esteem and bring forth confidence and creativity in the writer; would you choose this system for your student/child? If you said, “YES!” I have great news…

Dr. Vimala Rodgers has designed and perfected “Character Building Through Simplified Handwriting.” This is the only cursive alphabet that has ever been specifically created not only to be used as a simple method of written communication but also as a means of developing traits that reaffirm and bring forth the writer’s most admirable qualities.

Research shows that cursive handwriting is one of the few ways we are able to stimulate the synchronicity between the brain’s left and right hemisphere, triggering the prefrontal lobe of the brain; our creative center. Therefore, by utilizing The Vimala Alphabet, individuals are strengthening and exercising their creativity and socialization skills, by connecting hand, heart, and mind. What a gift to the children who live in a world where we are all engaged in so much left-brain activity like typing on the keyboard, texting, and tweeting. What a gift to the world!

You can learn more about mindful handwriting with the Vimala Alphabet by contacting me, or by visiting The International Institute of Handwriting Studies Website at http://www.vimalarodgers.com.

I welcome your questions and further discussion on how you can easily implement this technology into your classroom to enhance your students’ educational success.